Construction Management System


Phoenix Mechanical has developed a unique business model to supervise and manage our projects. Our mechanical construction management system allows us to construct larger, more complex projects at a very competitive level.

At Phoenix Mechanical, our mission is to complete every project confident that the HVAC system was installed in accordance with the highest professional standards and it operates per the intent of the contract documents.

Phoenix engages and willingly participates in early HVAC budgeting and design assist exercises with our clients to develop accurate HVAC budget costs for establishing the HVAC guaranteed maximum price. Our estimating teams are fully capable of completing conceptual HVAC system designs to produce accurate HVAC cost estimates, including complete layout of HVAC ductwork, equipment, piping systems, and temperature control systems.


Project Execution

Our Operations Manager is responsible for all construction services. Project Managers and Project Superintendents report to the Operations Manager.


Project Manager

A project manager is assigned to each project. The project manager is responsible for scheduling, manpower, requisitions, RFI and change order processing and coordination. This individual is the main contact for the general contractor’s office. The project manager also attends all project meetings.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, our project manager can be on site full time with a job trailer and connected to the home office by phone, computer, fax, and BIM.


Construction Supervisor

We also provide a construction supervisor for technical expertise on each project. Our construction supervisors are highly skilled individuals with expert understanding of all technical aspects of HVAC systems, including ATC / DDC, balancing, coordination, equipment operation, start-up, and commissioning. It is their job to make sure the HVAC system functions in accordance with its design intent.   They start by reviewing the HVAC documents; looking for potential design problems, gray areas, or missing components. Additional responsibilities include submittal review for capacity, voltage compliance, size and weight considerations, and the inclusion of all specified accessories and options. They are also responsible for coordinating subcontractors, being present for all equipment rigs, reviewing ATC / DDC system installation, and, upon delivery, inspecting HVAC equipment for proper accessories, options, capacities, voltages, etc. All ductwork is pressure-tested per SMACNA guidelines by one of our construction supervisors, whether the contract documents require it or not. The construction supervisor also performs full commissioning of all HVAC systems.


Weekly Meetings

Additionally, all projects are reviewed in detail at weekly company-wide staff meetings, which include our Project Management and Coordination departments. These meetings keep all corporate personnel current with the status of all aspects of all projects, and allow for review of project schedules, and coordinating & planning manpower. They help our team to review the project from different perspectives, anticipate potential problems, and address any potential issues before they become real problems.



The principals of this company have, in total, over one hundred years of mechanical construction experience.

We have worked for and have studied other, more common, fixed-asset mechanical construction corporate models. We believe our variable-asset team approach increases field productivity and flexibility and lowers overall construction costs.

We work only in the private sector, and the majority of our business is with repeat clients that we have successfully serviced for many years.

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