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100 Chestnut

Somerville, MA



5 Floor, Core & Shell and parking garage project, furnished and installed all HVAC equipment and shafts for future tenant connections.



Phoenix Mechanical fit-out the 5th floor mechanical penthouse with hot water and chilled water plants. The hot water system is served by (3) hot water boilers and the primary chilled water system consists of (3) water cooled chillers and a cooling tower

The 5 floors are served by (2) 78,000cfm Air Handling units and Exhaust Air Handling units with energy recovery. Terminal units and duct distribution were installed to serve the amenities on each core and shell floor. Variable refrigerant flow air conditioning units and water source heat pumps provide heating and cooling to the lobbies and electrical and tel/data rooms. Electric heaters are installed throughout the parking garage and unfinished tenant spaces.

Project Location Owner Engineer Contractor Value Completed
100 Chestnut Somerville, MA Burro Happold Engineering Consigli Construction $15,000,000 2024
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