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Peabody Essex Museum - Phase 3

Salem, MA


Peabody Essex Museum consists of many connected buildings and additions. This renovation spanned several existing buildings and several different types of HVAC systems.


Phoenix Mechanical furnished and installed multiple types of HVAC systems, in various existing buildings, to match and compliment the existing systems. These systems included heat mumps, air handlers, packaged AC equipment, dehumidifiers, piping, ductwork, and controls. This project was phased. Some areas were vacated for complete renovations, while others required us to work around occupancy of varying degrees. Off hours, work was required for rigging and certain tie-ins to existing systems. The museum continued to fully operate during this renovation.

Project Location Owner Engineer Contractor Value Completed
Peabody Essex Museum - Phase 3 Salem, MA Peabody Essex Ove Arup & Partners/ RGV Turner Construction $1,140,000 2001
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